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Jarjums Heart T-Shirt - White

Jarjums Heart T-Shirt - White

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The Blak Heart of Bundjalung Country

The Koori Mail is proud to launch our new Blak Heart Tee, celebrating the rebuilding of the Koori Mail following the 2022 floods.

This T-Shirt design pays tribute to a campaign that honours the resilience of Lismore and the the heart symbol that was created and embraced by the community a symbol of strength, pride and sense of place and belonging for the people of Lismore.

Throughout the 2022 flood rescue and recovery, the Koori Mail was a beacon of hope and support for those in need.

The resilience of our Bundjalung community and our First Nations responders who lead our volunteer group on the ground at the Koori Mail tells our story of the incomparable resilience that is innately part of our First Nations history, our people, and our communities.

This symbol of survival, the blak resilience, blak joy and blak love for all people in our region, is something we are proud to see on this T-Shirt that is a 100% authentic design that features the Koori Mail story.

This T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton material.

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